15th Anniversary

By Kathryn Heath and Jill Flynn

One of the things we ask of the women we coach is for them to “reflect”.  Research has shown that successful leaders reflect on what they have done, and how well it has worked.  They reflect on the effectiveness of their strategies.  They reflect on how well they influence people.  They reflect on the impact they are making.  If you don’t reflect on what you’ve done, it is very likely that you are repeating the same behavior over and over. You are not getting smarter.  You are not getting better. You are treading water.

It is hard to believe that the two of us founded Flynn Heath Holt fifteen years ago this month! To mark the occasion, we have been reflecting together…and we realize we have learned many lessons.  We’ve learned that our clients are our most important teachers.  We’ve learned that we must constantly reinvent ourselves and our work in order to keep adding value.  We’ve learned that setting fees for a service business is a challenge!  (Anyone who has the “secret sauce”, please let us know!)  We’ve learned that Mary Davis Holt and Diana Faison are not only fearless business developers and expert practitioners but they add immeasurably to the chemistry of our partnership.

Finally we’ve learned that we were bold.  We’re not sure we knew in 2001 that we were being bold to start a firm dedicated to women leaders, but we were.  Who could have imagined fifteen years ago that we would grow to be a nationally-known firm of four partners and sixteen consultants, to have written a New York Times best-selling book, and to have coached and trained over 10,000 high-talent women, not to mention the 24,953 lunches eaten out plastic containers, 19,482 trips through airport security, and the many bottles of good wine we all happily imbibed together!

So as we reflect upon fifteen years of leading and growing a business to help move women forward faster, we encourage you to do two things.  First, reflect.  What’s working for you?  What impact are you making?  Who is in your “fan club”?  Reflection is one of the main ways you can continue to grow and learn as a leader.  Second, be bold.  Aim high!  Dream Big!  Stay the course!

Help us celebrate fifteen years.  How have you been bold and what do you reflect upon?  Share your thoughts with us by dropping us a note at Leadership@FlynnHeath.com.

P.S.  In celebration of our fifteenth anniversary, we want to share the exciting news that we have launched our newly rebranded website.

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