Organizational Consulting

Flynn Heath Holt provides many services that support strategic planning, execution of those plans and cultural alignment for the organization.

There are multiple factors, reasons, and barriers which prevent women from making it into leadership positions. Our 19 years of experience enable us to help companies align their goals for women with actions that will create long-term change and overcome these barriers.

It is not enough to just work with women leaders. We believe that for lasting change to occur, a business must change on three levels:

  • Individual Level
  • Group Level
  • Organizational Level

If you change one level and not the others, then the change does not last.

For organizational change to occur, the culture of the organization must be factored in. If not aligned with the leader’s or group’s vision for change, then the company’s values, norms, mores, etc. can override the goals for change.

When we work with an organization, in most cases we begin with a Discovery Process to determine what the barriers, issues, norms, values, and biases are that get in the way of women’s success. We conduct interviews, examine data, and hold focus groups within the company. This Discovery Process is conducted with the organization; it is not a process done to them. This information is then summarized in a report for the leader or the group driving the change so they can make clear choices about how to achieve sustainable results.


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