Resilience: Dreaming for Today

Girl-beach-balloons-for-blog-206x300I have reflected on the concept of sustainability and its role in my life: My eternal struggle to get on top of my life and feel good about it at the same time.  This has been my forever challenge since my teen years.

McKinsey in the article “Centered Leadership” says managing energy is the key to success for women leaders.  In their research studying women leaders at the top, this was one of 5 key ingredients to success.

I have lots of energy but continue to let myself go into stress mode because I get behind on my to-do list.  I have gone back when cleaning through old papers and found my letters to my parents talking about all I had to do and wondering if I could get it all done.  I was 16 years old!  That letter could have been written today except my hand writing was better then.

Maybe it is time to accept the essence of my personality and quit obsessing about it.  I am always an optimist with lots of energy and I always take on more than I have time to accomplish.  I am always trying to be more efficient and yet always needing one more day to reach some kind of life nirvana.  Never going to happen!  I surrender.  Time to give myself a break.

I accept my own special model to thrive and sustain myself.  In truth I am doing pretty well.  How about you?