Pushing towards our vision of workplace equality each and every day

Flynn Heath Leadership was founded with a single purpose: To advance women leaders forward faster. We say it best in our 2011 publication, “Break Your Own Rules:”

“We have a dream. It is a big vision…it is a leap…and it is audacious: we want to see women make up at least 30 percent of the top leadership positions in corporate America within the next ten years. We believe that 30 percent will be a tipping point. When 30 percent of corporate leaders are women, the goals and direction of corporate America will change. The Old Rules will be shattered. America’s corporations will be better led, and everyone will benefit. This is the vision we’re pushing toward each and every day.”

To reach our goal, our approach is to partner with our clients to design programs and curricula to achieve key business outcomes while strengthening the performance level of the individuals involved. Flynn Heath leadership development services can be rolled out company-wide or on an individual basis. We provide ongoing education as well as one-time support, offering wisdom and guidance via workshops, keynote speeches, coaching services, and consulting at all organizational levels.

Our Process:

  • Assess current level of leadership effectiveness
  • Pinpoint high-leverage areas where change will make the most positive impact on targets
  • Partner with clients to apply leadership behaviors and practices for desired results
  • Develop individual, group, and systems strategies

Hear partner Brenda Wensil discuss the unique benefits and challenges of achieving a diverse workplace and why Flynn Heath Leadership is the first choice for so many national corporations.


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